Crystal Dawn

Session 1
The Adventures Begin

As of the last adventure, party is made and provisions set. The adventurers now set out on a ship to explore the ruined Technologist’s City.

11/12/2010- Beginning at Midday

Drago: Bust some heads trying to get some info…NM

We now have a place named Provoka-A small, boring fishing town that is a close dock to the technologist city.

Sleep the night at the castle, and leave in the morning on the boat…2 days pass…

Arrive in Provoka at Early morning. Boat will be in Provoka during adventure.

Esteban is excited to be on a quest from the king, but has foolishly left his shield in the Capital city.

While walking down a path getting progressively broken, Freya sees goblins dancing around a fire and draws her longsword. With that, combat begins. Between the wolf, Esteban, and the ranged efforts of Antinua and Drago, the goblins die and begin fleeing quickly. However, it isn’t long before their flight’s true purpose comes to light: the goblins come running back into the clearing riding two large Worg. The druid retreats to the gates of the desecrated city while her wolf seeks to defend Esteban. Following that, Drago shoots and severely injures a Worg, which prompts Esteban to attempt to rejoin the druid at the gates. The cleric seeks to charge the worg, casting bull’s strength and preparing to utilize Power Attack. Meanwhile, the druid begins to formulate Entangle, hoping to detain the evil beasts.

The goblins, however, have other plans. One particularly stealthy goblin throws some device at the distracted wolf and injures him, enraging him. The wolf pleads with his druid, making her feel his rage. After healing him, she sends him after the wretched goblin, which he severely injures and then knocks down.

A worg then comes after the cleric, and misses widely. Its rider is also incapable of hitting her. The other worg and goblin mass go after the wolf, one of which gets eaten in the process. The wolf gets away from the worg, but is slightly damaged by its rider (morning star). One other damages him slightly, but then his mistress comes to his defense with Entangle.

The cleric bashes a goblin worg-rider while Drago obtains focuses his psionic energy. Esteban comes to the defense of the wolf, who is still surrounded by gnashing goblins and a worg. Esteban runs in and slaps out his whip, missing the goblin very nearly. The wolf Aramil kills the prone goblin, who foolishly tries to stand up while next to a gigantic, grey wolf. The wolf continues to attack and kills one of the two remaining goblins.

The worg rider gets shot by the druid, getting a shock from one of her specialized arrows. Drago takes the opportunity to shoot the other rider, who then explodes from the force of impact…purple lasers are cool.

The cleric moves in to kill the worg, but misses, cursing. Esteban has a similar, if more critically failing, miss.

The others watch as the goblins attempt to untangle themselves from the clutching vines. Meanwhile, Esteban and the goblin dance an intricate and accidental dance. The cleric smashes into a worg, which almost incapacitates it. Esteban then hits his goblin friend, and then he tries to get around him.

The other goblins move in to surround the party.

The wolf almost kills a goblin, knocking him down with trip. Shooting a shocking arrow, the druid hits the riding goblin. It does not kill him, but it makes him less threatening. Esteban spears a goblin, dramatically wiping his rapier with a handkerchief after foisting the goblin’s dead carcass off the blade.

The wolf and Esteban finish off the foot-goblins, leaving only the two worgs and one very injured goblin rider. The wolf then attempts to jump over Esteban, barely making it and thus attacks the worg. It favors its foot. The rider retaliates by slightly maiming the wolf.

The riderless warg escapes the vines and retreats. At this point, there is only the one rider and his mount left. Esteban approaches him as he gestures for his companions to surround the rider. “What do you know of this city and what happened. Tell us now or you forfeit your life.”

The goblin responds, “We aren’t here for the city but for what is underneath it. We are only here on orders from a pretty man. He’s blond and carries an instrument. Our leader follows him, and we defend him. He is still underground.”

Esteban says, “We will let you and your worg go if you show us where he is.” After some very convincing words from Esteban and Freya, he agrees to show them. He shows them a pile of rubble, and pinpoints the entrance (a large rock). He then takes off on his worg. The heroes then figure out their next plan of action.

Still under the effects of her bull’s strength spell, the cleric effortlessly moves the stone covering the cave entrance. The group descends a spiral staircase to a 60×35 space with 6 rooms. When they get down there, they see a circle with blue fire shooting from it. The cleric deciphers script upon the runes, and finds that it says, “SAVE POINT.” Feeling safe, they now pitch camp and relax for the night.


The Story So Far
Why things are the way they are

All that is known is that the movement known as the technomancers suddenly left, and the new king wanted to know why his father had banished them.

They had started as a small movement a couple of people who discovered that they could destroy rocks in their fields by mixing sulfur, charcoal, and dried fertilizer and then burning it would cause the same effect as a mage with a detonation spell, and at a tenth the cost. After that they began looking for other methods of simulating the mages by using common materials, and it grew from there.

As the locals began recognizing the significance of these finds, so did the wizards who had controlled many aspects of society and commerce for many years. The old king did not know what to think of this new way of doing things, it seemed harmless but it was causing distress to the many wizards who acted as advisor and aid in many places.

While the king took no stand on the issue, his chief mage advisor convinced him to simply look the other way while the main camp of the technomancers was dealt with.


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